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No. 1 Indian Company for Job Work on Cashew Processing...

About Us

City Smart Agrotech Producer Co. Ltd. is a reliable name when it comes to Cashew Processing Machinery Unit, Automatic Cashew Processing Machine, Mushroom farming Unit and Lakh farming Unit. The Navsari, Gujarat (India) based Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Distributor, Trader & Supplier also provide cashews in different package sizes.

To Provide employment opportunities in Urban (city) as well as rural (villages) areas.

The First ever company in india start  well planned complete care management in the field of cashew nut processing unit.

Sell of city group automation plant machinery + raw material + finished good

A priceless opportunities to earn immense wealth for life time by joining with Citygroup.

How Do We Work

Cashew processing unit

  • A raw material of Cashew machinery and Sales of finished goods.
  • Machine Type Set boiler, auto-cutter, Hand gear manual cutter, Dryer, leg cutter, Row-grader, piling
  • The company will provide the raw material and Ready to take material.(from 5 kg of Raw material 1kg and 100gmCashew get ready.( On average 22 per cent).( Whole cashews, broken, broken All Price).
  • Raw material prices will be up to Rs 100.( As the company will deposit the money in a deposit of raw materials).
  • For the price materials ready to communicate with Citigroup employee.
  • Automatic cashew plants bring good results to raw-grader and pilling is necessary to bring back. Operate the machine will run from a single face or three-face connections.
  • Transportation machinery and Wet shall be extra.
  • Machinery Installation and training will be given by the company.
  • Government subsidies will be given to land-Class According to the Guideline. And the Government of the paper will be given to the company.
  • Machinery on the loan will be 60% to 70 %.( According to the bank to get a loan from a consumer's fully document).
  • The company Order after the10th Dayof the delivery material.
  • Wet and transportation given by the company raw material, extra charge would be taken.
  • 1 million to continue the cashew larger unit will be provided.( Full Automatic). Which as noted above as a whole Statistics.

Cashew processing unit continues to see M.O.U It is compulsory to do.
Cashew processing to communication from the Company will be informed of the date and place.

Mushroom Farming Unit

A raw material of Mushroom and Sales of finished goods.The minimum requirements for Oyster mushroom farming.

Similarly, most of the equipment for cultivation of mushrooms is only available at the level of village, As well as cheaper, Any farmer / person if you wanted to cultivate this type of mushroom material The following equipment is required.

1. Grass / thatch ( rice or wheat)

2. Span seeds

3. Phormalina (37%)

4. Bavistin

5. Plastic bags, polythene

6. Odor-wood horse

7. Cutter

8. Spray for tools

9. Thermometer

10. Hygrometer Machines

11. Peep wept grass / pool

12. The sacking- scabies of tti

13. Sand-bricks

Lakh Farming Unit

A raw material of lakh and Sales of finished goods.